I will not bow


One thing “I Will Not Bow” is the statement that has kept me from becoming part of the machine of life made only to contain the dreams of the glorious to satisfy the weak willed and treachery. Now in the fall of the days we see people teaching our children that being unique is not ok and that creativity is not a necessity of living anymore thereby diminishing their perspective on what a winner is. Now the dark begins for everyone who dares believe they can become something more than what they are so the star player maker the moves no one else can, so the day will always be yours. To rise every day and think it will be you’re last in the act of pushing limits you put on yourself cause at the end of the day what belief can change everything. That’s the way people over the years have gone out of their way to control individuals through various means whether it be because of their class socially or what they were born. http://www.terrificcarpetcleaning.com Continue reading


Stop pretending that you can’t be using your time more efficiently. Stop being a person who holds him/herself back from the possibilities. Don’t let the world take you to your knees and keep you there. Let it take you to your knees and make you work your way to the top. Aim for the stars and if you miss you will still hit the sky. More or less I am saying don’t aim too low because the worst thing you can do is aim too low and hit exactly what you were trying to achieve. Complacency is born from this and will kill your drive. I want you to choose the highest possible target and slowly take the steps every day to get there. I want you to create milestones on the journey, and once you hit them, I want you to celebrate and look back on what you have done. This will make it so you can compare day 1 to where you are today. This will motivate you in the right way to get to the next milestone and milestone after that until you look and you hit the grandiose goal that seemed unachievable at day 1. Now on this mission, you will have to understand that sh** will happen, and you will have to strategize around it http//www.dynamitemover.com/. Continue reading


You know what I find to be an excellent concept? People who achieve anything worth wild on this planet will practice day in day out for years to tackle a task that may last maybe at most an hour or two. This is true in sporting events in this time and age. Working on the same technique and particular play until you can do it in your sleep. These little feats are what make the difference.
I’m going to speak on some highlight reels in the NFL today, and the first team I want to speak on is the Seattle Seahawks. They are the closest city to the one I live in, which is Vancouver, Canada! We have the CFL up here in Canada, but it’s just not the same hype, intensity, or level of play as the United States League. The quarterback Russell Wilson is an amazing addition their roster. He’s the type of quarterback to make sure his team is head strong and working the playbooks they have designed for that game they are entering. Russell was born in the winter of November 29, 1988. He is born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and was destined for greatness from the beginning of his football career. The thing in common you notice about these sports stars who are coming up through the ranks is that they are all confronted with these obstacles that won’t lets them proceed for a period. I think it is meant to be this way because it is a test to see if you want said goal and change in your life. God made it that way for a reason. If you pray to him and get to hard work and adjustments when needed, there is no way you can not succeed. Most people have the issue if not knowing how long it will take and get daunted by having to wait or persevere through these periods endlessly until they reach an end that isn’t certain. The same went for Russell Wilson when he was looking to get drafted by major NFL teams, a lot of them looked at his size and stature and decided not to pick him up. He stands 5’11” and would be considered a minuscule quarterback, but this did not deter Wilson. He knew he was one of the best at what he did, so he would continue to get his name out and eventually he got picked up by the Seattle Seahawks. Russell added a tremendous amount of value to the team and in his second year with them, he would lead his team into the Super Bowl to in his second season with them. What a spectacular season it was. They went in to face the dominating team that was the Denver Broncos leading that pack was Payton Manning. Considered one of the best consistent quarterbacks of our time. Well let me tell you, that didn’t shake the Seahawks or Wilson at all. They went on to defeat the powerhouse 43-8 that year. Seattle set the standard on teamwork and work ethic. Wilson was the 4th quarterback to win the Super Bowl Cup in his second professional season.



The nature of competition is beautiful! You see when you are being pushed and tested with people and conditions around you; it makes you improve your game or you get ousted. Competition is what drives the sports industry around the world and creates the real stars from the amateurs. For the last couple years, there has been a lot of buzz over a particular NBA player by the name of Stephen Curry. A famous and stunning ball player, but mainly known for his outstanding shooting skills! I am going to share information that you probably already know, then get into his background as we discover more about this MVP star. Curry was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 2009. Since then he went on to teach the world a little thing or two about developing a skill until it makes you the most talked about person in sports. He led his team to win the 2015 NBA Championship and earned the Most ValuablePlayer Award for these efforts. That was not the peak of his rise, but he went on to set league records for having 73 wins the next season! This allowed for him to gain a unanimous decision for MVP again. 2 years in a row was also a record he broke. Talk about achievement after achievement hey? So, you did know about all of that, but it’s good to be on the same page. His full name is Wardell Stephen Curry II, and he was born March 14, 1988, in Ohio. Though he was born in Ohio, he and his family spent most of their time in Charlotte, NC. Did you know that Stephen’s family was professional athletes as well? His dad is Dell Curry, a Former NBA player. So, you can imagine that he learned the fundamentals from that awesome dad and son combo. The real influence was actually Sonya, his mother who made sure that Stephen became disciplined and trained hard while his dad was playing on the road. He was standing alone in his high school career, but that didn’t get him the opportunities he was looking for, so he went on to play in a small college in his hometown. He went on to score 30+ points against his first few university level teams, and that ended up winning him the southern conference freshmen. This was all part of his process to grow his skill set and basketball IQ. I’d say he first gained national attention when he went on to play in the NCAA. In his sophomore year, he was able to hold the top national average of 28.6 points a game. It was inevitable now that he could be rejected. The scouts came out of the rafters, and he was made man offers, and obviously that resulted in the top NBA Draft pick. He choice a deal with the Golen State Warriors and from the until now it’s been history. Him joining the NBA and the Warriors has created great value for the sport and new life on his team. Kobe Byrant has just left the sport, and there was a dire need for more stars like James, Harden, Wade, and Durant! Basketball is alive and well, thank God!